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David - Manchester

I got a job at a large corporation in Manchester. I didn’t have much time to decide, but I said yes. TAK Removals helped me to relocate quickly and efficiently.

Anna - Leeds

I finally found a great mirror. Very large, that I've always wanted. The problem is that I have a small car. I almost gave up the purchase, but a friend told me about TAK Removals. They picked it up and delivered it. Everything was done professionally and in a friendly atmosphere.

Kate - Leeds

I urgently needed to move my whole house contents. TAK Removals completed the task perfectly. They arrived the day after I called them and they transported everything safely. Nothing was damaged.
I found a great opportunity for a new fridge. I bought it right away, but there was a problem - delivery would take 10 days. I could not wait. Fortunately, I found TAK Removals. They were with me the same day, together we went to the store, and we brought the refrigerator straight to my house.

Slanjayvah - Leeds

Thank you guys for helping me move some big things. Always friendly, reliable and punctual - a massive help and great service!

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Request a Quote

(i.e. Distance from entrance to property)

* Large items are items which would require 2 or more persons to carry them, small items are items that would take only 1 person to carry.