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If you are interested in any of removal services we are more than happy to hear from you, if you need a more detailed quote or simply just need to make a general inquiry you may use the contact form below or alternatively give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you - TAK Removals

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* Large items are items which would require 2 or more persons to carry them, small items are items that would take only 1 person to carry.

Kate - Leeds

I urgently needed to move my whole house contents. TAK Removals completed the task perfectly. They arrived the day after I called them and they transported everything safely. Nothing was damaged.
I found a great opportunity for a new fridge. I bought it right away, but there was a problem - delivery would take 10 days. I could not wait. Fortunately, I found TAK Removals. They were with me the same day, together we went to the store, and we brought the refrigerator straight to my house.