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Some Moving Tips for Moving House/Home.

Your moving day is creeping up, you can't put off the packing much longer! Good preparation and planning will make your move go much easier. Sometimes It’s hard to know where to start, and this can cause stress and anxiety, packing is just a part fo the whole process - Here are some Tips and Advice for Moving. Thinking and planning ahead when moving will reduce the potential for disasters on moving day.

moving house tips leeds

- Check that your contents insurance will cover any damages or breakages during your move - TAK Removals offer a fully insured service at an affordable price!

- Decide how you will transport everything, how many men will you require to move your furniture, what size van(s) will you need - Get a free no-obligatory quote from us now.

- Pack all hazardous items such as bleach and paint together in the same box, also try to keep them away from all the rest of your stuff.

- Estimate how many boxes you will need well in advance, try find boxes of various sizes. Other useful items will be strong sellotape, bubble-wrap and plastic bags/ bin liners and a permanent marker to label boxes which will make it much easier when unpacking.

- Make sure to label any boxes that contain fragile items, writing FRAGILE in bold writing on the sides of the boxes.

- Prepare a box which only contains essential items for you and your family, such as tooth brushes, towels, change of clothes, food and refreshments, first aid kit.

- Items that you will not need immediately when moved into you new home should be packed away first.

- Try to pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes to avoid things getting damaged/crushed.

- Pack important documents like Passports and Birth Certificates all together and keep them in a safe place.

- Redirect your post! Simply head over to the Royal Mail website - https://www.royalmail.com/personal/receiving-mail/redirection

Just remember that if you need any further advice on moving home, we are Leeds Premier removals company - Give us a call now!

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