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Removals/Delivery MAN WITH A VAN services over Christmas and the Festive period

TAK Removals order and collect from stores such as IKEA and Argos. We can move you a new sofa or a 3 piece suit, or a new table and chairs for xmas. Our Man with a van services are highly competitive. If you require large items moving over the Christmas period in Leeds or anywhere in the country give us a call now on 0113 26 20 233 or 0773 80 70 046. You can also get in touch by using our online contact form.

IKEA, Argos, we can move your item from many stores/suppliers in Leeds or Further afield - MAN WITH A VAN

We can also deliver from many of the other on-line suppliers, it doesn't take long to enquire and we are happy to assist so get in touch now for a free quote.

Although we are based in Leeds, and Leeds and the surrounding areas is where we do most of our business, we can move items from further a field. So if you don't live in Leeds don't let that hold you back, we have the capabilities and professionalism to be anywhere to assist you in moving the items you wish to be moved.

Maybe you need to move a new sofa, a TV, a new 3 piece suit, a Bed, a wardrobe - Whatever it is! Get in touch now, our Removal/Delivery service prices are very competitive and we also have full insurance, meaning you are getting a professional removal/delivery service at a great price!

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